Grouptek™ requires its quality management systems to be maintained to ISO 9001:2008 and
that all persons in the organization endeavor to ensure that the service and products the
company provides:
  • are reliable, adequate and comply to regulatory requirements
  • are inherently safe
  • meet the requirements of and aim to exceed our customers’ expectations

These objectives shall be achieved by ensuring that all processes for design, purchasing,
installation, commissioning, test and inspection, planned service and reactive maintenance are
effectively controlled.
Performance is continually measured to ensure our objectives are achieved from:
  • management and internal audits
  • frequency, circumstances and investigation of reported accidents and incidents
  • customer feedback

Everyone within the company is responsible for the quality of work they perform, whether the
work be directly associated with the company’s services or not.

All personnel are delegated with the responsibility and authority to identify and evaluate quality
problems and to initiate, recommend and provide effective solutions in relation to the processes
they control.

The understanding, implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management Systems is
required from all personnel through all levels of the organization, together with a commitment to
continually improve its effectiveness.

The General Manager has the authority and responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of
each company’s Quality Management System are implemented and maintained.

The suitability of the Quality Policy will be reviewed, at minimum, on an annual basis to ensure
its effectiveness is maintained.
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Statement of Quality Policy and Objectives