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Sometimes, you only need instrumentation
for short-term
indoor or outdoor projects. If
that's the case, why not save yourself the
overhead and rent  from GROUPTEK?
Rental & Operation of  Ambient Air  and Emission
Monitoring Mobile Station

Example of parameters can be monitored ( NO, NOx, NO2,
NH3, SO2, H2S, CO, CO2, O3, THC-CH4-NMHC, PM 10 or 2.5,
BTEX, HCL, Cl2, and others including meteo data (wind
Speed & Direction, Temp., Humidity...etc.)

Flexible leasing and contract agreements allow the rental of
our Ambient Air Monitoring Mobile Station to undertake short,
medium or long term projects.

All equipment are supported by Grouptek full maintenance
and service facilities giving on-site back up.

Highly trained installation engineers can commission the
station anywhere as part of an agreed package that also
include operation and data collection.

GROUPTEK rental and full insurance, maintenance, operation,
calibration, and data collection services, hence allowing our
clients to fulfill their consulting contracts without investing
large capitals to own the station.
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Kuwait Institute for
Scientific Research
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Kuwait University
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