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Environment Public Authority - Kuwait
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Environnement S.A is the leading company in the fields of on-line gas,
dust and water analysis instrumentation.

Ever since its creation in 1978,
Environnement S.A has been dedicated to
the study, development, manufacture and supply of advanced on-line
gas, particulate and water analyzers'
Grouptek offers calibration services for ambient air pollution
monitoring analyzers  ( NO , NO2 , SO , SO2 , CH4 , O3 , H2S ,
CO , CO2 , BTEX ..)
Grouptek offers specialist design and execution of indoor and
outdoor air quality, stack gas continuous emissions, monitoring

Quality, reliability and ease of use feature throughout the range
of products from single analyser through to complete turnkey
monitoring network.

Our AQMS stations have been supplied inclusive of Cabinet,
engineering (electricity, water, Teflon tubing, calibration gases
or permeation tubes, sampling system and air conditions …etc.),
installation, commissioning, and training. Our responsibility
extended during service contracts to perform operation,
calibration and data (Review, Validation, & Verification) for most
stations and analyzers. We are carrying out flow calibration to
standardize the flow throughout the analyzers and MGC auto
calibration systems. We support standardizing monitoring
methods and creating consistent and uniform data validation
criteria for national use to make the data more comparable.
Calibration Gases
Turn Key Solution

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operation of Ambient or Emission Monitoring
equipment & Mobile Station.
Kuwait Institute for
Scientific Research
- Kuwait
Environnement S.A
Environment Public
Authority - Kuwait
The AMESA system,
Rheinland (Germany), in
2005 by MCerts (UK) is
designed for the
long-term sampling of
dioxins (PCDD), furans
(PCDF) and other
Persistant Organic
Pollutants (POPs).

By permanent sampling
over a period of up to 4
weeks, AMESA ensures
continuous documentation
of dioxins/furans emission
for each single sample, thus
ensuring that fluctuations in
plant operation and in the
composition of the fuel are
well recorded.

AMESA can be used, for
example, in refuse
incinerators, hazardous
material incinerators,
medical waste burners,
cement kilns etc.

The sampling method is
also suitable for other
sampling applications like
e.g. heavy metals,
mercury or fine dust
(PM10, PM 2,5).
Experts in environmental technology measurements
LSI-LASTEM is an Italian company that produces a wide range of
equipment for environmental monitoring applications. Each system is
made by sensors, data acquisition system and software for data
management. The range of instruments, as well as their functions,
carried out by portable and fixed systems for both
indoor and outdoor

- Indoor Air Quality                            - Thermal Environments
- Indoor Environmental Quality            - Air Quality
- Building and HVAC testing solutions   - Noise and  Noise insulation
- Meteorology ( weather station data)
Kuwait University
Kuwait University
Measure of the comfort and thermal stress
AL Meer Technical Services Co
Peak Scientific
Established in the UK in 1997 near Glasgow (Scotland), Peak Scientific
is a leading innovator in the design, manufacture and support of high
performance gas generators for analytical laboratories.

Peak Scientific laboratory gas generators can provide you with a total
solution to your gas requirements. Our gas generators can supply you
with Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Zero Air gas, available with different flow
rates, purities & pressures to suit your application.

They are available with or without internal air supply and can operate a
number of laboratory instruments, such as liquid chromatography mass
spectroscopy (LC/MS) & gas chromatography (GC).
Peak Scientific
Cooper Environmental (CE) Cooper Environmental has been
the recognized leader in continuous metals monitoring for more
combines laboratory level detection limits with a patented
automated QA/QC system that keeps the operator informed of
the quality of every sample taken.

Available monitoring systems include the:

Xact 625 (ambient air monitor)
Xact 640 (stack emissions monitor
Xact® 920 Continuous Water Analyzer for Metals
Xact® 825 Quantitative Aerosol Generator (QAG)

All CE monitoring equipment has been compared against
relevant reference methods, demonstrating instrument accuracy
and quality.
Cooper Environmental (CE)
Environnement S.A is the leading company in the field of on-line instrumentation for the environment. Ever since its creation in 1978
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