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Optimal Saglik
Since 2008, Optimal have been manufacturing disposable
sterile surgical drapes, gowns, accessories and packs according
to the requirements of 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive and
in accordance with ISO 13485:2003 standards.

Main purpose with Optimal manufactured products with
BlueDrape brand is to provide quality, confidence and comfort to
the patients and medical personnel.

Surgical Gowns
Standard Surgical Gown, Reinforced Surgical Gown
Full Reinforced Surgical Gown, Urology Gowns
Nurse Gown, Non-Sterile Shirt
Non-Sterile Trousers, Non-Sterile Examination Gown
Non-Steril Patient Gown, Non-Sterile Visitor Gown

Surgical Drapes
General Surgery Drapes, Cardiology Drapes
Split Drape, Fenestrated Drape with Adhesive
Fenestrated Drape, Drape with Adhesive
Ophthalmology Drapes, E.N.T. Drapes
Gynaecology Drapes, Dental Drapes
Urology Drapes, Table Drapes
Femcare-Nikomed Ltd
Femcare-Nikomed Ltd is an organisation committed to working
in partnership with healthcare professionals around the world
to deliver high quality solutions in the fields of gynaecology,
general surgery and urology. Our portfolio consists of our own
"in-house" developed products alongside those sourced from
approved manufacturers worldwide with relevant Quality and
CE accreditation.

With over twenty-five years experience in the pursuit of clinical
excellence, the
Femcare-Nikomed name has become
synonymous with a winning combination of innovative products,
excellent customer service and comprehensive marketing
support - supplying quality medical products on a worldwide
basis. The company offers an extensive range of disposable
surgical and laparoscopic instrumentation and a range of
urological disposable products.

We are also proud to manufacture and distribute the Filshie Clip
System, recognised by leading surgeons around the world as
the "Gold Standard" for surgical contraception. Effective, simple
and reliable, the Filshie Clip System consistently outperforms
alternative methods of surgical contraception, with more than 8
million clips successfully applied since its launch in 1982.
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